JAK (Germany), Jonas Dahlberg (Sweden), and Abigail Levine (United States)

Curated by Tina Plokarz
4 May – 29 June 2018

Anticipation was a group exhibition that explores sculpture across the media of installation, video and dance. Bringing together three visual and performance artists who employ sculpture as physical props and conceptual elements in their practice, the exhibition invited spectators to construct anticipated narratives through the lenses of their own pasts, presents and futures.

The exhibition featured the installation “Indescribable Scenes” (2018) in combination with the acrylic painting “S#2” (2017) by visual artist JAK (Germany), the new performance “Restagings No. 2: Of Serra (to movement)” (2018) by choreographer and dancer Abigail Levine (United States) and the video installation “View Through a Park” (2009) by Jonas Dahlberg (Sweden). Gradually shifting the focus over the course of May and June 2018, this unique stage-setting of artistic practices bridged the gaps between the real and imagined props that support each of our individual worlds.

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